Meet The Founder

The beauty industry wasn’t something that every parent was proud to see their child do in the 1970’s. There are many parents in this day that don’t realize how this industry has bloomed and evolved. I was a prime candidate for the bandwagon. I left Page County, VA and came to Denard’s Beauty School hoping for the best. It lit a fire inside me to help people feel good about themselves.

After getting my license, I started my journey working at Full Tilt Hair Cutters working under Jim Hoover himself. Not only did I learn that this was my passion, but I also did hair beside my best friend Donna who now greets you with a hot cup of coffee at our front desk. Soon after I started working for Studio Ph.D., shortly following that I purchased the business.

In 1992 and 1994 I had two children. Ally, our salon coordinator, works with me today. You will get to see her doing all types of things to help the company and our team. My son, Jon, who is our handy man around the salon and day spa. You won’t see him that often.

It has always been my dream to work with like-minded individuals that see this industry for all it has to offer. In my many years, it has evolved, changed, evolved, and changed again. In my journey, I have been there for many of my long term guests that have suffered from illnesses, divorce, and death. I have been apart of marriages, babies, and life long achievements. Some of my guests held my kids while I did their hair and some even picked them up from school. If I had to thank anyone for where I am today it would be my guests, my family, all of my mentors through the years and God. The relationships and experiences this world has given me are things I will never forget.

There are many things I hope to do in my upcoming years. My biggest hope is to impact our community to be showing other young artists that there is so much that can be done. The sky is the absolute limit and if you work for it, you can do it. I personally like to be the one that’s cheering you on.