Massage & Body

Massage & Body  
The Studio Signature Massage
Our Studio Signature Massages promote relaxation, ease tension and improve your circulation while a gentle touch and light stretching melts your aches and pains away!
$38+ (30 minutes)
$58+ (60 minutes)
$80+ (90 minutes)
Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Therapeutic massage is designed to address some of the more problematic areas throughout your body. During a therapeutic massage session more focus is put on relieving muscle tension and knots.
$40+ (30 minutes)
$60+ (60 minutes)
$80+ (90 minutes)
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage therapy's concentration is on relieving the knots and tension in the deeper layers of muscle in the body. Ideal for chronic pain in areas such as the neck, shoulders, back and legs.
$70+ (60 minutes)
$90+ (90 minutes)
Custom Mineral Salt or Sugar Scrub
A custom scrub is mixed up just for you when you receive this service based off of your needs. The scrub is gently applied to the entire body to exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells and leave you looking refreshed!
$60 (30 minutes)

Massage & Body Add-ons  
Aromatherapy (up to 2 essential oils)+$15
Hand or Foot Paraffin+$10
Honey Heel Glaze Treatment+$10
Hot Stones+$20

Please keep in mind, the prices shown above are only estimates and are subject to change at any time.