Get Gorgeous Skin with Rezenerate™ Facials

Your face is important to you because it’s the first thing people see when they meet you. You want your skin to be healthy and bright to give you that boost of confidence you need each day. The best way to get gorgeous, healthy skin is through regular professional facials, and at The Studio Hair … Read more

Pamper Your Skin with Body Treatments

When you think of skincare, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most, skincare is all about facials, since your face is the part of your body that you show the world every day. But our skin covers our entire body, and a great skincare routine includes more than just professional facials. It’s ... Read more

Enjoy Feathery Eyebrows with Brow Lamination

There’s a relatively new procedure in the United States to achieve thick, bushy eyebrows and it’s called brow lamination. You may just think it’s easiest to use microblading if that’s what you’ve used in the past, but nothing beats the notable feathery look like brow lamination. What is brow lamination?  It’s a process of literally … Read more

Flashback to the 80s with the Spring 2020 Makeup Trends

We’re having so much fun with the exciting new trends for spring, and the new looks in makeup are no exception! This year, we’re loving the bright, colorful, 80s-inspired looks that will be a perfect match for your spring wardrobe. Bright color mascara.  When you buy your new tube of mascara this year, leave the … Read more

Monthly Facials Can Help Turn Back Time

When we take care of our skin, we get great rewards, and there’s nothing like a professional spa facial to help clean and treat your skin and make it smooth, healthy, and younger-looking. At The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa, we know how to care for your skin with customized Dermalogica® treatments that target ... Read more

Become a Facial Pro at the Studio

Everyone loves to relax at the day spa and pamper themselves. However, many spa treatments, including spa facials, have even greater benefits when done on a regular schedule. When you enjoy a spa facial at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa, you will enjoy a massage component that will help to stimulate blood circulation. … Read more

You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard you are what you eat? It is true in many ways when it comes to beautiful healthy shiny hair skin and nails. Improve your diet to improve your looks. We are always looking for new products to fix our dry hair, skin, and nails. It is a continuous search for new … Read more

See you Later Skin Like an Alligator

Don’t let dry skin get you down or frizz get you frazzled. As much as we love the winter time, cool weather, fun out in the snow or sitting by the fire warming up, we don’t like the dryness it brings to our hair, skin and nails. Our hair, skin and nails get dry because … Read more