Get Smooth, Healthy Skin at The Studio’s Day Spa

Want the best skin you’ve ever had? At The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa, we’ve got you covered with soothing and nourishing body scrubs and hair-removing waxing services. Combined, these exceptional services will help your skin look and feel amazing all over!

Waxing. One of the most effective ways to remove unwanted body hair is through waxing. Waxing uses warm natural wax ingredients that are applied precisely to areas of unwanted hair. When the wax cools, it’s able to grip onto the unwanted hair so that it is removed when the wax is peeled away. There are several added benefits to waxing, especially when you compare it to shaving or using a hair removal cream.

  • Long-lasting. When you shave, all the hairs are cut at the skin’s surface, which gets rid of the hair for only a very short time. Nothing stops the hair from growing back quickly, because hair grows from the follicle where the hair cells push upward. But with waxing, the hair is removed deep at the follicle, and the follicle needs to repair itself before it can start growing hair again. That means waxing lasts for several weeks, compared to shaving, where stubble can reappear as soon as the next day or two.
  • No cuts. Shaving uses a very sharp blade that can accidentally nick the skin, causing cuts that bleed and can even become infected. There’s no worry about nicks and cuts with waxing because no sharp blades are used.
  • No irritation. Shaving and hair removal creams can irritate your skin. Shaving scrapes the skin and can leave behind an itchy rash. Hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals that cause an allergic reaction. With natural wax, you’ll experience only mild redness from the pulling that goes away quickly instead of an irritating and uncomfortable rash.
  • Exfoliating. One thing that shaving and hair removal creams cannot do that waxing can is exfoliating your skin. Removing that top layer of dead skin cells makes your skin softer and brighter, and helps it absorb nourishing serums and skincare treatments more effectively. It also stimulates your skin to product more collagen and new skin cells, which helps keep skin looking younger.

At The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa, we provide waxing services face, legs, arms and underarms, chest, back, and bikini area.

Body Scrubs. Professional body scrubs use natural salts, sugars, and other ingredients to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Body scrubs have unique benefits that leave your skin healthy, soft, and young looking.

  • Exfoliation. Like waxing, body scrubs also exfoliate, removing that layer of dead skin cells to help brighten and soften your skin. Exfoliating is a crucial component of anti-aging skincare.
  • Stimulate circulation. The rubbing action of a body scrub helps stimulate circulation. Blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your skin. Lymphatic circulation flushes away wastes and toxins. Combined, these two circulation systems deliver a powerful way for your skin to stay healthy and young looking, so stimulating these systems so they work effectively is an important part of your skincare routine.
  • Softening. Professional body scrubs leave your skin exceptionally soft and beautiful looking, scrubbing away dry, dull skin and leaving an amazingly soft surface behind.
    There are two types of body scrubs: sugar scrubs and salt scrubs. Sugar is a gentle exfoliating material that also helps your skin attract and retain moisture. Salt is an invigorating ingredient that can soften up even the roughest dry skin. The expert estheticians at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa will assess your skin’s needs and help you decide which type of body scrub is right for you.Make an appointment today at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa and let our expert estheticians help you get the best skin you’ve ever had. Get rid of that unwanted hair and nourish your skin with waxing and body scrubs here at The Studio! You can find us at 353 Neff Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA or call (540) 434-8188 to book your appointment, or book online with our convenient scheduling tool. You can also visit our online store to purchase all the FarmHouse Fresh® and Dermalogica® professional skincare products you need. At The Studio, we’re proud to have made our Harrisonburg, VA, community a more beautiful place for 41 years and counting!