Transform Your Hair with Personalized Hair Prescriptions by Kérastase®

It’s important for our expert stylists at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa to ensure that each client’s hair looks and feels amazing. But our work here at The Studio is only half of the equation. Home haircare is of upmost importance, so we work to bring you the very best professional-grade hair care products to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible in between salon visits. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we now offer Kérastase® professional products and in-salon services for our clients!

What is Kérastase®?

Kérastase® is an amazing line of professional haircare products developed by the L’Oréal Advanced Research team. It’s the first of its kind to celebrate the professional stylist, who knows the client’s hair the best, with a new role as a haircare prescription  expert. Kérastase® has been the leading luxury haircare brand globally for 55 years. Launched in 1964, its dedicated team of scientists worked on innovative developments that took hair products to the next level: from hygiene products to superior haircare.

It all centers around once concept: that everyone’s hair is different, but the end goal is the same for everyone – exceptional hair. That’s where the personalized prescription comes into play. Each Kérastase® product is designed with an innovative formula that precisely targets specific hair needs, so your expert The Studio stylist can develop a personalized haircare prescription just for you. The result is everything you want your hair to be – strong, resilient, and exceptionally healthy, and you get visible results immediately from the Kérastase® formulas, which are specially designed to address your hair’s individual needs.

What is a haircare ritual? 

Kérastase® products are so distinctly targeted that they allow your master stylist at The Studio Salon & Day Spa to develop a personalized ritual for your home haircare. It starts with a diagnostic quiz about your own hair needs and includes in-salon analyses to precisely determine your hair’s composition. Then, your expert The Studio stylist is equipped to create a personalized Kérastase® haircare ritual especially for you.

Are Kerastase products sustainable?

Sustainability is a huge concern today, and Kérastase® is a company that takes sustainability very seriously. Science, innovation, personalization, sustainability – all these concepts are deeply rooted in the DNA of the Kérastase® culture. The Kérastase® team constantly works to lower the environmental impact in its packaging and merchandising materials, but that’s just the start. The innovative Kérastase® team also uses only carefully selected ingredients for their formulas that have high biodegradability factors for minimal impact on the environment.

Inclusion is another pillar of the Kérastase® philosophy. Its innovative personalized prescription focus originates from the commitment to empower beauty in everyone by caring for all hair types.

How are Kérastase® products tested?

The scientists at Kérastase® work hard to constantly innovate and create new formulas to address the special considerations of haircare. But the team doesn’t stop there. Professional master hairstylists from all over the globe – Paris, New York, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Shanghai – come together to relentlessly test all Kérastase® formulas to ensure they meet the rigorous requirements of the world’s most exclusive luxury salons.

How can I benefit from Kérastase® products?

Our professional stylists are excited about creating personalized haircare prescriptions for all our clients. Just make an appointment with your own The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa expert stylist, who will evaluate your hair and develop your personal haircare routine.

To help you achieve exceptional hair, we also provide Kérastase® in-salon treatments, including the Kérastase® Fusio Dose™ treatment, a personalized treatment that instantly transforms your hair to the softest, healthiest level possible. The treatment is fully customized, with 30 possible combinations of specialty treatments so your expert stylist can provide the perfect hair treatment for your hair’s needs.

Make an appointment today at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa and let our expert stylists evaluate your own individual haircare needs to create a personalized Kérastase® hair prescription for you. You can find us at 353 Neff Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA or call (540) 434-8188 to book your appointment, or book online with our convenient scheduling tool. We’re proud to have made our Harrisonburg, VA, community a more beautiful place for 41 years and counting!