Your eyes are the Window to Your Soul

These days, we’re all wearing face masks as we work or go about our daily errands, so that makes eye makeup even more important, both to enhance your style and as an attention-getter that frames your face. Your lashes and brows are always a crucial part of your eye makeup routine, and professional services from The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa that enhance and contour can help you save time and hassle in your everyday makeup routine.

Brows. For many women, brows are often neglected in the morning makeup routine, but they are an important part of your look. Brows frame your eyes, which in turn shapes your face, so getting the right brow shape is a crucial step in creating the right look for you. Brows that have been carefully shaped to suit your face will create the illusion of a facelift and make your eyes appear larger and more alert.

  • Brow lamination. Brow lamination is a unique service that gives you thick, fuller brows to enhance your style. Acting like a perm for your brows, lamination is a keratin treatment that sets the brows into a uniform shape that holds for a long time. As an added benefit, brow lamination also strengthens your brows and stimulates growth, giving you full, thick brows to better accentuate your eyes. With the right care, brow lamination lasts four to eight weeks, and your The Studio makeup artist will provide you with instructions for aftercare to help your beautiful brows last a long time.

  • Henna brows. If you have thinner or light brows that are hard to see, henna tinting can help. Our henna brow service tints the skin underneath the brow in a shape that’s perfect for your face, enhancing your brows to give them a fuller, darker appearance. Natural henna tint gives you a tattoo-like result that lasts on the skin for about two weeks and stays longer on the eyebrow hairs, up to about six weeks. The result is thicker, denser, gorgeous brows that look natural.
  • Lashes. Once your brows are shaped and darkened to define your face contour, well-defined lashes are the next step in getting the perfect look for your eyes. We often spend extra time each day getting our mascara and eyeliner looking perfect, but you can save some time and get the look you want with the right lash enhancement services. Our expert makeup artists provide a special lash lift and tint service that gives you both services, so you get beautiful lashes that look great without the need for mascara.
  • Lash lift. A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes that curls them up, just like the look you get with an eyelash curler but without the daily hassle. Properly shaped lashes that lift up from their lash line make your eyes appear more alert and awake, enhancing your makeup style.

  • Lash tint. Lash tints are perfect for people whose lashes are naturally lighter and harder to see. Using a safe, natural tint, each lash is dyed a dark color that suits your skin tone so that the lashes become more visible. Since the tint covers each lash from top to bottom, it can also make your lashes appear longer. Most of our guests skip mascara and some even skip eyeliner each day, but if you want a more dramatic look for a special occasion, you can also enhance your tinted lashes by adding mascara.

There are also steps you can take to help keep your lashes and brows healthier and attractive at home. The award-winning GrandeLASH-MD® Lash Enhancing Serum nourishes your lashes with amino acids, vitamins, and peptides to help give you stronger, longer natural lashes. Also, our Bare Minerals® collection of liners, brow pencils, and mascara is a must for your makeup kit. Shop for everything you need in the comfort of your home in our convenient online store.

Make an appointment today at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa and let our professional makeup artists give you the perfectly shaped and enhanced brows and lashes for your makeup style. You can find us at 353 Neff Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA or call (540) 434-8188 to book your appointment, or book online with our convenient scheduling tool. We’re proud to have made our Harrisonburg, VA, community a more beautiful place for 41 years and counting!