Enjoy Feathery Eyebrows with Brow Lamination

There’s a relatively new procedure in the United States to achieve thick, bushy eyebrows and it’s called brow lamination. You may just think it’s easiest to use microblading if that’s what you’ve used in the past, but nothing beats the notable feathery look like brow lamination.

What is brow lamination?  It’s a process of literally restructuring the hairs of your brows to keep them in the desired shape that best suits your facial structure. You can redirect the hairs to create a bushy, feathery look or reposition them to cover sparse areas in your brow area. It can also straighten kinky or curly hairs so that you don’t have to cut them.

What do you think of when you hear the word “lamination”? Perhaps you think of sealed and glossy. Your brows are being sealed into a flat position and the super-hydrating ingredients found in brow lamination makes your brows appear glossy.

Where did brow lamination come from?  This new trend started in Russia about 3 years ago, then spread across Europe. It’s been introduced into the United States and has become very popular in just a short amount of time. There aren’t many salon & spas offering the service, but at Studio Hair Salon & Spa, we strive to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends.

What’s the difference between lamination and microblading?  The goal of every brow treatment is flawless eyebrows. The advantage of brow lamination is that it distinctly focuses on your natural eyebrow hairs. We use your natural hair and disrupt the shape to achieve your desired look. Microblading, on the other hand, is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that creates the illusion of fuller brows without using your natural hair. Brow lamination achieves the same effect without the pain of tattooing by separating and swelling hairs via a chemical process.

Who does it work for?  If you have unruly eyebrows, brow lamination can help tame them and redirect the growth pattern so they will be more textured and with more volume. Our technicians are able to customize the shape of your eyebrows so that it looks best for you. Although this process works best for those with longer brow hairs, our technicians have successfully made the eyebrows of women with thin, sparse brow hairs look dramatically thicker and lush.

What to know before your bow lamination procedure?  If you’ve recently had henna treatments or brow tinting done with a few weeks of your brow lamination, you should wait. Too many treatments too close together can lead to over processed brow hairs. Also avoid products with high pH levels because they tend to dry out eyebrow hairs.

It is recommended that you condition your brows daily before your appointment. You will enjoy a consultation with the esthetician at Studio Hair Salon & Spa to discuss your final results, and they will perform a patch test to ensure that there’s no reaction to the chemical process.

What’s involved with the brow lamination process?  First, your brows will be cleaned to remove any makeup. There are two different treatments to this process. First, a lifting solution is brushed through the eyebrow hairs. This will make your brows softer and more malleable, and will enable the brow technician to sculpt your brows in the desired shape. Tint can be added after this stage as well if you need to change the color of your brows. Next, the laminating solution is applied to set the hairs in place. This is the step that restores the health of your brows, giving them a very shiny, “laminated” finish.

How long does the brow lamination last?  If properly cared for, the effects can last up to 8-10 weeks depending on the hair cycle. It’s okay to get an eyebrow wax or tint in between eyebrow lamination appointments.

Post-brow lamination aftercare steps.  There should be no water on your newly laminated brows for at least 24 to 48 hours. You want to keep the moisture put on the brows during the procedure in place to allow them to properly set. This means you’ll want to avoid 67steamy showers, hot tubs, saunas, or baths. Do not apply makeup for up to 24 hours since you cannot wash it off. The process immediately gives definition to your brows without any time needed to heal.

You can brush your newly laminated brows! In fact, you will be instructed by the esthetician to brush them in the morning and before bed at night with a spoolie brush. You can readjust brows with the brush if they’ve been moved or rubbed out of place before they set in the wrong position. Hairs can move up to 2 days after treatment. Continue to avoid skin care products with a high pH level. Your Studio Hair Salon & Spa technician will recommend products to use to keep your brows supple and moisturized.

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