Bangs, Shags, and Mullets are the Hot New Trends Everyone is Wearing

Still undecided about your new hairstyle for 2020? We’ve got your back at The Studio Hair Salon, always getting the best information on the latest hairstyle trends. For 2020, we’ve got a few surprises on the list, including a couple of well-known retro styles that have been updated for the new decade.

Bangs.  Love bangs?  You’re in luck because bangs of all styles are huge this season.

  • Baby bangs have had quite a moment, and we’re still seeing these complement a lot of hairstyles. Baby bangs are super short – sometimes called microbangs – ending well above the eyebrow line. Many are uniform and tailored, creating a straight line across the upper brow, but a choppy fringe look will give your haircut a bold retro look.
  • Curtain bangs are quite the opposite. They’re long, their expressive, and they part in the middle to blend into your hair like curtains. Curtain bangs look great with long, gently wavy styles but can also work with a mid-length cut where the bangs are just about the same length. Curtain bangs work for just about any type and texture of hair and give you that romantic look that frames your face.
  • Wispy bangs are like curtain bangs without the part – they’re longer, gently fade into your hair, but the cut is short enough that it doesn’t need to be swept aside.
  • Side bangs take it one step further, with one long layer swept to the side. This works for long or short styles. Either tuck the side bangs into your long hair or let them flow down one cheek for a shorter style.
  • Short bangs are one of the hottest trends for 2020. Short bangs lay just above the brow and work for all textures. The trick is ensuring that your curly hair sits at the right length once dry, and our professional stylists can help with a perfectly positioned trim.

Shags.  If the 70s rocker look is right up your alley, you’ll be all over this style in 2020. The shag celebrates layers – lots of them – and gives you that casual, choppy look with a ton of texture. What makes shags especially popular is the options. You can wear it long, short, or somewhere in between, and still rock this gorgeous style. Shags were made popular back in the 70s, and while the look is still considered retro, stylists have made a few updates that bring it into the 2020s with style. The modern shag works with a variety of textures because it’s all about controlled layers that don’t end up looking like frizzy hair out of the 80s. Wear it with or without bangs, messy or controlled, sporty or sleek. The sheer flexibility of the shag will keep it at the top of the trends lists well into this year.

Mullets. Did we say mullet? That’s right. It’s time to give that famous look of the 80s another look. When we think of mullets, we usually think of the obvious men’s styles with extremely short fronts and long, shaggy hair in the back. For women of the 2020s, that has tempered somewhat, with today’s trend more subtle and completely gorgeous. A mullet is any hairstyle that is shorter in the front and longer in the back, and it only takes a silhouette of the style to pull off the modern mullet. You can even make it happen with curtain bangs and a modified shag cut, bringing in the best of all three of today’s hottest trends! It’s all about the spirit of the “business in the front, party in the back” style toned down for today with a softer, gentler look.

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