Flashback to the 80s with the Spring 2020 Makeup Trends

We’re having so much fun with the exciting new trends for spring, and the new looks in makeup are no exception! This year, we’re loving the bright, colorful, 80s-inspired looks that will be a perfect match for your spring wardrobe.

  • Bright colored mascara. When you buy your new tube of mascara this year, leave the black and brown on the shelf and go for bright, bold colors like bright pink or a deep blue or green.
  • Red eyeshadow. The most unique look for spring 2020 brings red from your lips to your eyes – choose a deep red or a light, shimmering shade and apply across the lid as well as under the bottom lash line.
  • Pink blush. Pink is a fun blast from the past that makes your face looking glowing and healthy. Wear it all over – on your temples, brows, and cheeks – for a warm, beautiful glow.
  • Pink lips. Put away the deep reds on your lips and experiment with some fun shades of pink for an 80s throwback that looks great for 2020.
  • Floating eyeliner. We love seeing more creativity in makeup styles, and floating eyeliner is a trend that will get your eyes noticed. Instead of letting it disappear into your lash line, let it “float” between your brow and lash line for a dramatic, graphic lines that really define your look.
  • Structured brows. Bushy, unkempt eyebrows are stepping aside this spring for a new look based on an 80s trend – polished, structured brows. This year, we’re reaching for the clear gel and keeping everything neatly in place for that bold, defined look.
  • Subtle lip stains. Take a vacation from bold, bright lips and get a more natural, 80s style look with light, soft lip stains that give your natural lips a subtle glow. They’re easier to care for because you don’t need as many touch-ups throughout the day as you would from a solid, bold color.

Keeping your new makeup style looking fresh and beautiful is easy with just a few simple tips from the pros:

  • Have a great skincare routine. Healthy skin is the foundation for great-looking makeup every day, and while it does involve some effort, it doesn’t take much time out of your day. Each morning and night, it’s important to cleanse, tone, moisturize, and use nutrient-rich serums that keep your skin healthy. Cleansing is a must, because your face is exposed to a myriad of environmental pollutants each day. Every type of skin needs moisture, even oily skin – the trick is using the right products for your individual skin type. Consult with one of our professional estheticians or makeup artists to discuss the best skincare regimen to keep your skin healthy.
  • Use professional products. Drugstore brands may seem cheap, but many can dry out and irritate skin, causing much more expense later when you need to treat these issues. Professional products from bareMinerals® are formulated with clean, natural, mineral-based ingredients that are highly effective for skin nourishment without irritating your skin. bareMinerals® is also dedicated to preserving the environment. Its award-winning makeup products are free of parabens, formaldehyde, and other chemicals and ingredients that can harm the environment and your skin. They are proudly cruelty-free and completely free of microbeads, which add particles to the waterways and endanger aquatic animals.
  • Get professional lessons. You can look your best anytime with professional makeup applications by our experienced makeup artists here at the Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion – a professional makeup application helps you look your best any day, and you can also reserve an appointment for a professional makeup lesson that will let you get the best look for you at home every day. Let our professional makeup artists help you look gorgeous!

Ready to try some of the fun, new, 80s-inspired makeup looks for yourself? Make an appointment for a professional makeup application today at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa. Our talented makeup artists can create the perfect look for you! You can find us at 353 Neff Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA or call us at (540) 434-8188 to book your appointment, or book online with our convenient scheduling tool. Want access to exclusive offers? Download our The Studio Rewards app for a fun way to earn valuable rewards.