Relax Your Way to Better Health with Regular Massage

The health benefits of massage are unmistakable, helping everything from everyday stress to reducing the effects of serious disease symptoms. Despite this, many people only get massages for special occasions, like a bridal party treat for an upcoming wedding or as a birthday or holiday gift. However, the real benefit of massage comes from regularly scheduled treatments.

Regular massages can help reduce stress, lessen pain, improve circulation and remove toxins, improve flexibility and mobility, help you sleep, give you more energy, and more. Regular massages promote a better quality of life overall, especially from its stress-reducing ability. Stress can cause several unwanted symptoms, ranging from mild discomfort to pain, headaches, and even anxiety.

At The Studio Hair Design & Day Spa, our professional massage therapists offer a wide variety of massages for your individual needs, including:

The Studio Signature Massage – This relaxing experience massages away tension, improves circulation and lightly stretches muscles to help relieve aches and pains.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy – Specifically designed to alleviate muscle tension and painful knots, this targeted treatment focuses on your individual problem areas.

Deep Tissue Massage – If you experience chronic pain, this targeted deep-tissue massage works on the back, shoulders, neck, legs – wherever you need more intensive massage therapy. Deep tissue massage also works for athletes, helping muscle injuries recover faster.

Prenatal Massage – Designed to alleviate pregnancy discomfort, our specialized Prenatal Massage helps your body relax for optimal health for you and your baby. This therapy is available for women who have passed their first trimester of pregnancy.

Rainbath Aromatherapy Treatment – This revitalizing treatment uses Native American therapies to rebalance your nervous system through light massage and natural plant oils.

Custom Mineral Salt or Sugar Scrub – Our massage therapists will create a custom scrub designed for your individual needs. Scrubs exfoliate your skin over your entire body, removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin smooth, bright, and refreshed.

Foot Bath (30 minutes) – Relax in our fabulous massage chairs while you enjoy a tranquil, soothing foot bath.

Massage & Body Add-ons – Personalize your massage experience with aromatherapy add-ons (with up to two essential oils) or our exclusive peppermint reflexology treatment.

Due for a massage? Make an appointment today at The Studio Hair Salon & Day Spa and our professional massage therapists will design a personalized treatment plan for you. You can find us at 353 Neff Avenue in Harrisonburg, VA or call (540) 434-8188 to schedule your massage appointment, or book online with our convenient scheduling tool. To access fun, exciting rewards and great deals, try The Studio’s Rewards app for our valuable offers.