Neon Summers to Mellow Falls

That time of year is approaching quickly. Mustard yellows, plum purples, and olive greens. Cozy sweaters and messy top knots. But you cannot forget the pumpkin spice lattes! Which means it is time to ditch the neon nails and apply our seasonal fall blends! We followed top Runway Shows that showcased trends for fall 2019 to give you The Studio Hair Salon & Spa’s top favorites for this season:

  1. Jelly French is a brilliant upcoming trend that replaces that bubble gum pink base in a classic French to a sweet and smooth Lavender base. It is the perfect way to set a laid-back vibe to your cozy fall days. Being a pastel nude means it will be a perfect diverse color for all your sweaters.
  2. Rodarte was a runway show that took place in California. Although it was rained out, that did not stop the designers from showcasing the glitz and glam. That is how this nail look was born. Bold and Glitter. How could you possibly go wrong? Grab a bold shade like cherry red, peacock blue, or plum purple and coat it with a glittery finish. Go for a thin glitter not the chunky. Thin glitter will scream elegance and bold.
  3. Polk Dot nails are back. Yes, you can scream a little! They are simple and fun yet customizable to fit you. Pair light hues with dark ones. Try Plum purples with lavender dots. Or Beige base with white dots. Mix it up even more and reverse the nail bases with dots.
  4. Chromat was inspired by tropical vibes based in the heart of Miami. With a recent move from New York to Miami has allowed this nail art to blossom into the masterpiece that showcases your true colors. The key to this work is Bright and Marbleized. This look is best paired with similar hues of pastels. But ask our specialists how to make it unique to you!
  5. Animal prints were popular this summer and that wave will continue into fall. Especially Leopard Prints on a bold nude background. Unlike summer, we will start with a nude base. Add individual(s) leopard spots on each nail. Some spots can fully cover the nail, while others will only partial cover the nail.

Are you ready to make that hot summer vibe into a mellow cozy mood? All these nails will be the perfect way to start your fall season. Call us today at 540-434-8188 to start this transformation. Or stop by our salon located at 353 Neff Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, to plan your next nail trend!