To Cut or Not to Cut – That is the True Question

A common request that our stylists here at The Studio Hair Salon and Day Spa gets is “just trim the ends” but depending on your specific hair type and desired length, this isn’t always the best request. Many factors go into the proper amount that should be cut each trip. Is your hair super thin or very thick, do you have right curls or no waves, do you want it long or keep it short, what about bangs? All these factors determine whether you should cut more than the “ends” and how often you should cut your hair.

Long Hair:

Healthy, moisturized, virgin hair, meaning that it has never been colored, highlighted or permed, or exposed to heat damage, can usually go 6-10 weeks between cuts. We recommend cutting about one inch to maintain your current length. This will keep growth to cutting ratio close to one another.

If you want to grow your long locks even more, stay closer to a 1/4 – 1/2 inch. This will always ensure there is more growth than cutting. However, if you hair is damaged and you do not keep the spilt ends cut regularly, the hair strand will continue to split further up and result in long hair that looks wispy – stringy on the ends, because it splits and then breaks.

Medium Hair:

Medium – Long hair should be cut 6-8 weeks, removing 1/2 inch to maintain the current length. To continue the growth only trim 1/4 – 1/2 inch intervals.

Medium-Short hair should be cut 5-6 weeks, following the above amounts. Medium hair is a unique balance on what YOU want. Whether that be a longer style or shorter.

Bobs and Lobs are meant to be shorter, if your hair begins to grow past the traditional length of a bob/lob you are no longer considered to have that style. That’s why we recommend every 6 weeks. It keeps clean sharp lines that will grow out nicely before your next cut.

Short Hair:

Pixies are the same way as bobs and lobs. Letting a pixie grow out too much will dilute your style and turn to a mess. Stick to appointments 4 weeks apart.

Curly Hair:

Tight coarse curls should be cut every 6-8 weeks. Adding additional weight can stretch your curls and cause them to lose some of their playfulness. To maintain your same curl length cut ½-1 inch off. To grow them out a little more only remove ¼- ½ inch per visit.

Medium Curls should be trimmed closer to 6-8 weeks. The longer medium to fine curls grow the stringer they begin to look. Keep them bouncy and curly with frequent trims.


Bangs are no exception and should be cut every 2 weeks! This does not mean cutting all your hair. Just pop in for a quick trim to keep your bangs from looking straggly and overgrown.


Long Layers should be cut every 6-8 weeks. This gives your hair long enough to grow but trimmed frequently enough to keep framing layers in place.

Multiple Layers should be trimmed every 6 weeks. Our stylists always explain to clients that week 1 multiple layers have a textured look. By week 4 layers have a sexy/lived in vibe. And by week 8 layers begin to take a mind of their own. Keep the trimmed to stay textured and sassy!

Colored Hair:

Colored hair should be 4-6 weeks. Long hair tends to have more fragile ends, so coming in more frequently will allow your stylist to assess how much should be removed to keep it long and healthy.

Cutting and hydrating your hair is vital for growth and strength. No matter if you are growing long layers or trimming a sassy pixie. It is okay to not know how much hair should be removed, that is why we are here. Just know what you desire and want from each visit and our Studio Hair Salon and Day Spa team of stylists will take care of the rest. Don’t forget to ask about our hair masks that will boost hydration, protein, and nutrients to best prompt a healthier and shiner you! Call us today to reserve your next appointment at (540) 434-8188, or stop in to meet our team located at 353 Neff Ave
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801.