A Perm can cut your styling time in half and give you those beautiful beachy waves or soft curls that you dream of.

This year, women are craving sexy playful beach waves. But the problem is they don’t want to spend hours perfecting each messy curl. This is why stylist have revamped the perm. Yes, we said it, a perm. But this time get the 80s poodle look out of your mind. We are talking tousled glamorous waves, air dried purposefully sloppy curls. We want ease and beauty wrapped in one look, and for the first time in decades SALON can give it to women all over the world the curls they deserve!

Perms or permanent waves are for everyone, even men. You can keep you balayage or ombre vibes but add some luscious waves to it. One thing we haven’t changed is the time it takes to successfully execute the perfect perm. On average it takes about two hours, depending on length and thickness of your hair. It is an involved process that stylists meticulously put your hair through that will allow you to have ease and perfect curls later.

They start by cleaning your hair. This is to remove any product buildup and allow your stylist to begin with a blank canvas. Stylists will wrap individual sections of your hair around rods. Depending on the type of curl you desire will determine which set of rods a stylist will use. They will apply the perming solution. During this step the bonds in your hair is broken down. They will rinse and apply a neutralizer which is what causes your hair to reform around the rod to give you a curl. One more rinse, a cut, and some styling, you will be walking out of the salon with volumizing curls!

If you have never had a perm or have naturally straight hair a perm can be a big change. You must remember that it changes the bonds in your hair, so its texture and natural hydration can change. It’s not a bad change but simply a matter of making a new routine. For example, I got my perm about a year ago, and to this day, I can shower in the evening, add a little bit of Redken Mega Hydramelt for additional hydration, wrap my hair in a silk hair scarf. In the morning I wake up with beach waves that takes some women hours to achieve. Other women can shower in the mornings, use a diffuser for a few minutes and walk out the door with fabulous curls. Its just a matter of finding what works for you. Our stylists are experts in curls and can even help you find what routine works best for you and your new curls.

Why waste valuable time styling your hair daily when a perm can fix all your needs? It truly is that easy! Call today at (540) 434-8188 to book your next perm. Or come into our salon, located at 353 Neff Ave Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801, for a personal consultation to discuss what curl suits you best! Let us add curls so you can cut your styling time in half!