A Night To Remember

One of the most memorable nights during your high school experience is attending prom. It is a night that memories are made, laughs are shared, and romance is in the air. Many young adults will have to make lots of decisions as to hairstyle, makeup, nails and of course their dress. To make this process go as smoothly as possible be sure to call The Studio at 540-434-8188 to reserve a customizable Hair, Makeup and Nail plan for your night to remember!

It’s hard to pair the perfect makeup and hairstyle to best show off the features of the dress and you. Especially with trending styles being in multiple tones and patterns, bold sequins, and flashy golds. But no worries the talented team at The Studio provided a basic outline of these styles paired with the top makeup looks.

Suggested Makeup Pairings:

White Gold Dress with Cool Blue Makeup & nudes. This will give your look a balanced but bold statement.

Sequins for Days. The key to pulling off a successful look with a sequin gown is to have a light and airy look while staying away from shimmering blushes or highlighters.

Rose Gold. The best way to compliment rose gold is with a bronze smoky eye. This overall look should be sleek and shiny.

Jewel Dress with Nude Makeup. With bold solid jewel tones, it is best to work with creamy colors. The key to this look is soft and simple to make a powerful statement.

Basic Styles of Dresses:

Halter Tops/ Intricate Necklines/ Unique Backs. If your perfect dress is in this category, it is important to choose a up do hairstyle. This type of hair style will best show off your dress. Combine a side braid with a low bun to create and elegant and classy look.

Strapless/ Traditional. When choosing this style of dress with is time to let your locks down. Half up and half down looks are in this prom season. Finish the look with some twists and curls.

Skin Prepping Tips:

Six weeks before prom, we recommend scheduling a facial with our skin care experts who will do analysis of your skin and can recommend the perfect Dermalogica skin care regimen to have beautiful radiant skin in time for prom.

One month before prom we recommend beginning to exfoliate and moisturize the body, with specific focus to the facial area. The main goal should be to begin to break down the top layer of dead skin to allow the moisture to penetrate the skin. Be careful because over exfoliating can remove healthy, living cells. This can cause dehydration to the skin.

Approximately 3 to 5 days before your prom schedule an appointment for a facial. This will give your skin enough time to relax and continue to glow on this very special evening.

Your nails should be an expression of yourself and paired with your dress and makeup choices can either blend in a soft natural nail or acrylic nails. As for colors, metal is trending this year and pairs with any dress as is ombre’, tuxedo nails and both nail art and nail jewels. Be sure and bring a picture of your dress with you for appointment as our team at The Studio will customize a plan that suits you and your gown so you don’t have to.

Remember to reserve your appointment today so that your most memorable night will be a breeze.  You can find us at 353 Neff Avenue – Harrisonburg, VA 22801or call 540-434-8188 to reserve an appointment. Prefer to book online? Schedule your appointment online thestudiohairsalon.com.