You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard you are what you eat?

It is true in many ways when it comes to beautiful healthy shiny hair skin and nails. Improve your diet to improve your looks. We are always looking for new products to fix our dry hair, skin, and nails. It is a continuous search for new moisturizers, conditioning treatments, or the latest scrubs. Winter can be a magical time of the year, but low humidity causes us to lose moisture. Our skin begins to flake like the snow in the sky. But the fix might be easier than you think.

Simply cutting down on the sweets, caffeine, and alcohol can improve the dryness in your hair, skin, and nails. Have you been noticing those little white spots on your nails? Indulging in your favorite sweets contribute to those spots we see because it adds additional amounts of sugar to our body. If you are like the average American who consumes multiple cups of coffee each morning, this could be why your skin seems dryer. An excess amount of caffeine found in coffee or sodas depletes the skin of nutrients and can even cause sagging or wrinkles. Having those extra glasses of wine could also explain why your nails are brittle or peeling. It can also be the reason for the random red or dry patches of skin across your body. This is not to say that we cannot enjoy our favorites with friends and family this season, rather be cautious. If you are experiencing these issues take a better look at your diet. Do you see any trends?

Be aware to steadily increase your water and fresh produce intake during this wintery season. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily helps flush toxins out of your system. These same 8 glasses of water can also minimize dandruff or thinning of the hair. Continually, appropriate amounts of water can also promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Although fresh produce is harder to find during winter, that doesn’t mean it is less essential to the body. Fresh foods contain important vitamins like magnesium, vitamin A, B, and C. All of which helps detox the body and replenishes areas such as hair, skin, and nails. These vitamins and many more, allow the body to build strong nail beds, healthy roots, and hydrated skin.

Do you see high sugar, caffeine, or alcohol? If so, limiting consumption can help solve your dry hair, skin, and nails. Remember to stay hydrated and eat plenty of fresh foods to help detox the body, build strong nail beds, and healthy roots.  Be sure and use professional hair, skin and nail care products that your Studio stylist recommends.  As important as hydration is in the winter month our chemically treated locks still need the right balance of protein for strong healthy hair too.  Our stylists are highly skilled and trained to give you a personalized hair care regimen that will keep your hair looking its best.  Our Estheticians give a thorough skin analysis and know everything that your skin needs to maintain its elasticity, remain supple and soft even in the harshest weather.  Call 540-434-8188 to reserve your hair and facial appointments.  Reserve your manicure and pedicure appointment with our highly skilled nail technicians to take care of your nails, cuticles, and hands for you and recommend your nail care regimen for you.